[ANN] Do you have a project involving cage?

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[ANN] Do you have a project involving cage?

Post by danieleghisi » Thu Apr 28, 2016 10:19 am

Dear all, we are planning to renew our website, and we are eager to showcase some bach- or cage-related projects in it.
Do you have a project build with bach or cage? We'd love if you briefly talked about it in our forecoming bach web page!

What we need is just:
- a title
- 1-3 images
- a few words on the project and on how bach/cage were useful to achieve it (this can range from 5-6 lines to any number of lines ;-)
- a link to a project page (if any)
- any other media if needed (e.g. music or videos, if meaningful)

Please don't be shy ;-)
Send us this information privately at info@bachproject.net.
We'd really like to know what you are doing with bach or cage!

Have fun,

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