For any issue that may be of public interest, our forum is the most appropriate context, since all users can benefit from everyone’s experiences. Still, if you want to contact us privately, you can do it at

The ideal bug report should contain:
– the sequence of operations leading to the bug – can you reproduce the bug by repeating the same sequence?
– the exact nature of the bug: what would have been the expected behavior, and what you have obtained instead.
– if there has been a crash, a copy of the contents of the crash report window;
– if possible, a copy of the patch in which the bug has happened;
– if possible, the exact input data that have caused the bug.

If you want to submit a feature request, please consider supporting us on Patron (; also consider the fact that this doesn’t necessarily mean that the feature will be implemented. It can be technically impossible, it could require major changes to the overall architecture of the work, it could disrupt another functionality, it could be obtained by patching with some workaround, it could be to difficult for us to implement or we could simply not like it. But don’t worry: even the craziest feature request will be seriously considered and reflected upon!

Thank you for your feedback!