Download via Package Manager

The simplest way to install bach, cage and dada is via Max Package Manager (Open Max, then click on File > Package Manager). Search for the desired package, click on it and then click on the "Install" button. The official releases for bach 0.8.1, cage 0.6 and dada 0.2 are now available there.

If you wish to install them manually, or if you need to install anything else, scroll down.

Important: if you are running MacOS Catalina or higher, however, you must use the Package Manager, otherwise you will have to manually remove the quarantine for the downloaded libraries.

Direct download


Download latest bach version (0.8.1b)

bach requires Intel-based Mac or Windows computer running Max 7.3.5 or higher (except for version 8.0.5 on Windows).
If you're using Max 6, you can still download bach 0.7.9; if you are using Max 5, you can still download bach 0.7.3 (see below).



Download latest cage version (0.6b)

This version of cage requires bach 0.8.1 or higher, and will run on a Mac or Windows machine.



Download latest dada version (0.2a)

This version of dada requires bach 0.8.1 or higher, and will run on a Mac or Windows machine.


Are you a developer? The sources for all our libraries are available at

How to install

If you want to install any package manually, copy the folder inside the "Packages" folder in your Max folder (delete the old one, if any!)
The Max packages folder is under "Documents/Max 8/Packages" (for Max 8.x), or "Documents/Max 7/Packages" (for Max 7.0.x) or "Documents/Max/Packages" (for Max 6.1.x). To uninstall, simply delete the package folder.

Older versions

Use of these versions is unsupported.
They are provided for your use as-is and will not be updated.


bach 0.7.3 beta 
for Max 6.1: Macintosh or Windows
For Max 5:
- Mac OS: automatic installer (recommended) or manual installer
- Windows: automatic installer (recommended) or manual installer
bach 0.7.2 beta 
For Max 6.1:
- Mac OS package: universal dmg or manual installer
- Windows package: Windows 32-bit or Windows 64-bit
For Max 5:

bach 0.7.1 beta
bach v0.6.7a
- Windows (manual installer)