MOZ’Lib is a set of pedagogical tools designed to explore, at the same time: musical writing, creation and computer programming. It is currently developed by two composers based in Paris, Julien Vincenot and Dionysios Papanicolaou, with the support of the Ariane# project (funded by Franche-Comté regionm in East France).

The library includes several modules under the form of bpatchers for the Max environment,
largely based on the bach library by Andrea Agostini and Daniele Ghisi.
Each of these modules represents a composition idea or technique, allowing the user
to interact through various intuitive interfaces. At all time, it is possible to visualize the result of this idea, under score notation, to listen to this result, and export it to an engraving software such as Finale or Sibelius.

MOZ’Lib allows to generate, transform or combine musical materials, and to develop
these further into an instrumental composition or sound creation. It constitutes an easy
introduction to the vast domain of computer music and computer-aided composition.

The modular aspect of this library also bears a creative and pedagogical spirit.
Every module can be combined together, often in unexpected ways, to imagine
and realize new musical ideas. The possibility to manipulate such “conceptual bricks”,
to connect them inside a patch, brings the user to be more aware of the notion of abstraction,
which is fundamental in computer programming, but also in artistic creation.

N.B.: This first version of MOZ’Lib currently focuses on two musical parameters: melodic pitches and rhythm. Other aspects regarding polyphony (harmony, counterpoint, and orchestration) will be developed in future updates.

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Introduction video (in French):