MOZ’Lib is a set of pedagogical tools developed by composer Julien Vincenot, designed to explore musical writing, creation and computer programming. It constitutes an easy introduction to the vast domain of computer-aided composition

MOZ has been completely revamped in the summer 2019. It now exists as a Max package, fully documented in English, and compatible with Max 7 and 8. Documentation also includes a detailed overview and new modules for the PWforMax system (Mac-only for now).

The library is made of several modules (or bpatchers) largely based on the bach library created by Andrea Agostini and Daniele Ghisi. Each of these modules represents a compositional idea or technique, allowing the user to interact through various graphical interfaces.

In addition to those main modules, MOZ’Lib also includes a system called PWforMax. Previously hidden in the background, PWforMax allows users to generate and run Lisp code in Max, and to work in real time with any library from the PatchWork / Open Music / PWGL family.

More information here.