Three pieces. Catabasis I, II, III

Diego Dall’Osto’s “Three pieces. Catabasis I, II, III”, for violin and live audio-video electronics (2015), use bach and cage libraries both for computer assisted composition and for synthesis and performance control of the audio-visual score.

The main idea is about generation of gradual transitions between differents musical figures. Transformation are obtained by controlling parameters of specific configurations of scales and arpeggios, such as gradual interpolations from wide to narrow ranges (and viceversa). Each of the three pieces is a different expression of a similar principle: the overal idea of continuous falling down.

Parte 2.4

Three selected bach.score objects are then played: extracted data (pitch, velocity, duration) are sent to ioscbank~ synthesis generators and mapped to jitter matrix for visualization. As a further option a midi version could be played (in order to rendere a simulation of the violin score, if needed).

Parte 2.3

Some video examples (electronics – main window of the performance Max patcher) are here, here and here.

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